Review of the Book “The desire for a fair budget balance’’, author Ionel Bostan, C.H. Beck Publishing House, 2021


  • Alunica MORARIU Assoc. Professor PhD, „Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania, Faculty of Economics and Public Administration



Public debt, NAFA, degree of collection, fiscal control/inspection, tax evasion/fraud


The devastation of state economies as a result of the manifestation of the health crisis (COVID-19) is a certainty. The true size is likely to be known in the future, but in order to prevent a "total downturn", derogations from the fiscal-budgetary constraints imposed by the Stability and Growth Pact (the corrective arm) have been granted at EU level. However, budgetary balances are being severely affected, with an obvious increase in public debt. These transitional derogations (their necessity and justification deriving only from reasons to combat the consequences of the health crisis), make the desire for a fair budget balance to be a perpetual one, needing to be taken into account, both in critical circumstances, of any kind, as well as in periods of economic growth. Explanations and arguments can be found in the work “The desire for a fair budget balance”, author Ionel Bostan, C.H. Beck Publishing House, 2021, on which we stop by this approach.


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