Advertising & Direct marketing|


Advertising |
LUMEN journals use adverts for associated scientific events developed in partnership, such as national and international conferences, world congresses. The content used in adverts comply with transparency, relevance to the publishing scientific topics of interest and are pre-approved by the LUMEN Publishing Boards and LUMEN Conference Center’s Board. Advertisements are not related in any way to editorial decision making and are kept separate from the published content.

Direct marketing |
LUMEN uses marketing activities, including solicitation of manuscripts that are conducted on behalf of the journal, in an appropriate, well targeted, and unobtrusive manner. Information provided about the publisher or journal is truthful and not misleading for readers or authors.
We are using the journal system in order to send social media communications, with specific content such as calls for associated scientific events, call for abstracts, call for papers, calls for submissions in specific thematic issues.