Diplomatic and Consular Protection of Persons with Dual Citizenship Abroad


  • Vasyl Repetskyi Professor, Head of the Department of International Law, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv




consular protection, diplomatic protection, effective citizenship, dual citizenship, citizenship of the European Union


The article is devoted to one of the least studied problems in the domestic science of international law, namely diplomatic and consular protection of state’s citizens abroad, especially in cases where the latter are endowed with dual and sometimes multiple citizenship. This problem involves a close intertwining of both political and legal norms used in the implementation of this field.
The author distinguishes between diplomatic and consular protection, highlights common features and peculiarities of each of them. Diplomatic measures are clearly outlined, covering all possible procedures by which one state informs another of its claims (protest, negotiations, investigation, etc.). The choice of means of diplomatic protection is influenced by the nature of the rights of the person who has suffered damage from a foreign state; the amount of damage caused, both for the person and for the state of his/her citizenship, as well as the risks of aggravation or deterioration of relations between states. Some legal aspects of citizenship of the European Union and the specifics of protection of the rights and interests of its citizens according to the "delegated" protection and the "governing state" are highlighted.


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