The Evolution of Mind and Reflexive Thinking Starting from the Ancient Greeks to Stoic Philosophers


  • Diana Laura Ciubotaru Psiholog principal, Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza din Iasi



evolution, mind, reflexive thinking, philosophy


The aim of this article is to investigate the vision of self-knowledge and the human ability to know oneself and also in relation to the source, starting from the ancient Greeks and exploring their sources of inspiration. Everything is pursued in relation to the affirmation: Man's self-consciousness is a mirror of the source Consciousness, which knows itself through people. There are a few arguments in relation to this:

  1. Self-awareness as a self-concern reflected in the universe, appears in pre-Socratic thinkers and outlined in Plato in the triadic vision, and much later is the subject of well-defined study in psychology. Therefore, a good knowledge of the subject starts from the first mentions.
  2. The perspective of Stoic philosophers in which self-concern is organized in the form of a set of clearly defined rules, well-defined procedures, a true process of transformation that is completed with the creation of an attitude of alignment Man-Universe / Universal Nature. It is the best represented system of self-conscious work of all the schools of philosophy up to that time.


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