Shelter City


  • Anca Oana Rusu UAUIM
  • Cristina Iuliana Enache UAUIM



war, shelter, city, social architecture, post pandemic city, community


The reality that invades us, unpredictable and until yesterday seemingly improbable, proves that history continues to be written according to the same rules that seemed obsolete. From an anthropological point of view, looking at our lives, the pursuit of resources together with the lack of empathy and education is a generating mixture for conflicts.

The consequences of the immediate war neighborhood are being felt more and more strongly in the urban environment, through the influx of refugees who need shelter.

However, some of Romania's cities should soon solve the excess of existing shelter capacity. Initiating a strategy to establish the optimal process for shaping new poles dedicated to the construction of shelters will be able to prevent a possible major imbalance at urban, social, economic level.

The paper aims to formulate criteria for the integration within a city of optimal locations for temporary shelters for refugees, as well as the necessary stages of preparing the population for acceptance and involvement.

The originality of the study is due on the one hand to the previously unaddressed topic due to the unique moment we are in - end of the pandemic, beginning of the war, and on the other hand to the identified social peculiarities - people to whom the spaces are addressed: uprooted partial families, consisting only of children and women, traveling with or without pets.

It is the opportune moment that, in a multidisciplinary architectural-urbanistic vision, the city to explore its panacea capabilities, through an empathic approach.


war; shelter; city; social architecture; post pandemic city; community.

Author Biographies

Anca Oana Rusu, UAUIM

PhD’s architect Anca Oana RUSU

assist. at the University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu Bucharest- Faculty of Urbanism.

She has received the architectural qualification in 1993 and a Master of Architecture in 2005 at "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest. She holds a Doctor’s degree in Architecture.

PhD thesis – “Communicative Planning - Study for Communities Rebuilding”, a study of communicative planning methods in working with groups of children having a positive impact in finding further solutions to the serious problems faced by communities.

Anca Oana RUSU has started her professional practice since 1995 and from 2000 is running her own architectural company. Between 2014 - 2016, she was a founder member of the Arhipera Association. In 2014 she was invited to conduct the workshop and practical activities at SIASPA interactive non-formal school (Arhipera International School of Social Participatory Architecture).

She is a founder member of OAR (The Romanian Order of Architects) and a member of Romanian Register of Urban Planners.

Her scientific activity includes: workshops, papers, articles and lectures, architectural and urban planning projects, with sustained activity in the field of architectural planning and object design, research, and education.

Cristina Iuliana Enache, UAUIM

PhD’s architect Cristina ENACHE

assoc. prof. at University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu Bucharest- Faculty of Urbanism.

She graduated as architect, 1998, and she holds a Doctor’s degree in Urban Planning.

PhD thesis - The Urban Landscape in the Information Technology Context – study of new technologies implications and tendencies in the traditional urban structure.

She is Director of Urban and Landscape Design Department, University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu, managing partner at ARTTEK C.B. and ROZUA Asociati, the president of the Professional Commission of the Romanian Register of Urban Planners, and a member of several professional organizations.

Her scientific activity includes: the book City and the Urban Society in the Age of Information, papers, articles and lectures, architectural, urban planning, and landscape design projects, with sustained activity in the field of urban design and development, spatial planning, landscape planning and design, research, and education.


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