Identifying the Types of Diversity in the Romanian Pre-university Educational Institutions and the Appropriate Managerial Strategy


  • Ana-Alina Ichim Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi, Romania



Educational diversity, Diversity management


The current research aims identifying the level of knowledge the stakeholders in the pre-university education system have upon the concept of diversity as a social construct and as basis for both the cohesion degree of the employees’ group (teachers, auxiliary personnel, non-didactical) and the students’ group, as well as the satisfaction degree they have while participating in the didactical process.

The research method is the investigation. The instrument is the questionnaire (Annex 1), which was applied to a number of 25 respondents, school inspectors for institutional management and human resources management in Romania. After its application in Google forms format, the answers were introduces in the NVivo content data analysis program, using the codes diversity type, management strategy, ethnicity, gender, religion, language, gaining information according to the table in Annex 2.

As the main objective of our study was to identify the types of diversity the schools face, we therefore begin our analysis by simply asking the responders to enumerate the types of diversity they can identify in their counties. Altogether, once they are enlisted, the responders will further name the strategy they can find in the schools from their county where those types of diversity were found. Our data suggest that diversity is defined in a very unspecific, personal and subjective way, that the types of diversity are very distinct and quite difficult to manage and that an easily identifiable strategic approach is inexistent in most of the targeted counties.

Author Biography

Ana-Alina Ichim, Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi, Romania

PhD second year student, Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration, Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi, Romania


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Ichim, A.-A. (2021). Identifying the Types of Diversity in the Romanian Pre-university Educational Institutions and the Appropriate Managerial Strategy. Logos Universality Mentality Education Novelty: Social Sciences, 10(1), 01-09.

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