Conflicting Resources in the Contemporary Couple


  • Iulian Apostu Researcher, Romanian Academy, Institute of Sociology, Bucureşti, Romania



confict, conjugality, mediation, communication, dysfunction


Whatever the selection criteria, whatever the type of partners, marital life cannot avoid the experience of conflicts over one or more aspects of conjugality. And if in common thinking, the conflict is always seen as a failure of the marital relationship, the specialized studies look at the states of conflict as natural stages in a marital journey. From ttheir point of view, the conflict must be seen as a moment that highlights the differences between the partners. Many of these differences are only highlighted in concrete life situations, when the marital context reveals them. In therapy, highlighting problems is viewed positively, because their awareness invites partners to understand these differences, to negotiate and to build a system that marks both common and individual values. Therefore, the appearance of the conflict is not a negative aspect, but rather one that is meant to help the partners to know each other better, to negotiate their differences, desires and common values. From ttheir point of view, the concept of conflict is not similar to that of scandal. The study aims to make a foray into the main issues underlying the conflicts of the contemporary couple.


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