A Brief Introduction into Scriptural Grounding of Contemporary Social Work


  • Petronela Polixenia Nistor Doctoral School of Sociology, Al. I. Cuza University of Iasi




social work, scriptural foundations, Christian love, Christian mercy, social principles, Christian precepts, Christian values


Social work, as a model of welfare practice in contemporary society, is based on the mutual aid principle of those in need or in a situation of vulnerability. Its historical foundations can be identified from the ancient writings, including the Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testaments. This paper brings to the attention of the students from the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, the Social Work specialization, but also of those concerned with a deep social-theological knowledge, the perspective of a theoretical analysis, but also that of a good practice model for contemporary social work based on the examples existing in Holy Scripture. Also, the focus is on developing, through study, professional skills that provide for the projection and elaboration of a discourse based on sacred texts (verbal and written exposure), but also the correct statement of the doctrine of the Church and the means transmitted by it for the perfecting of the person and of the world in the context of a constantly changing society. Thus, through this comprehensive analysis, the paper highlights the relevance and sustainable impact of the teachings and practices of social work in the Old and New Testaments on contemporary issues solvable through social justice, christian love, solidarity and community responsibility.


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