Call for articles - Moldavian Journal for Education and Social Psychology - 2019

Distinguished Colleagues,


We invite you to propose an article for publication in the international scientific journal MOLDAVIAN JOURNAL FOR EDUCATION AND SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, a free of charge, open access, peer reviewed journal.

Indexing: CrossRef; RePEc; CEEOL; KVK; WorldCat; Google Scholar.

Response time after submitting the article: maximum 90 days after submission for communicating the peer review process results.

Main scientific field – educational and social psychology related theories and studies

Transdisciplinary scientific field:

  • psychology of education,
  • sociology of education,
  • education in social psychology
  • social psychology
  • ethical debates in social education and social psychology.

Moldavian Journal for Education and Social Psychology publishes:

• theoretical or empirical research articles;

• occasionally, the journal publishes:

• literature reviews;

• book reviews;

• letters to the editor;

• editorial;

• scientific news - which may include, but is not limited to, the description of scientific events, conferences, projects relevant to the scientific field of the journal;

• supplementary issues proposed by a guest editor who will select the articles and submit them to the LUMEN Scientific Committee;

• supplementary issues containing articles of scientific conferences or events, provided the publication conditions are set 6 months before the event and LUMEN is mentioned as a publication partner at the event.

Peer review process: in all cases, including supplementary issues proposed by a guest editor or resulting from scientific events, the articles will be peer reviewed by LUMEN scientific reviewers.

Journal publishing language: English

Citation style: APA style, according to the tutorial at

Article submission: submission of articles will be made directly on the journal platform at    

Publication fee: during the year 2019, the journal does not charge for the open access fee.

Publishing details: any questions or additional details than the information found on the journal platform at may be requested at the e-mail adress