The Role of Mass-Media in Triggering and Developing the Media Crisis


  • Ionut Ghibanu Valahia University, Targoviste, Romania



mass media, crisis, organizations, image, answer.


The world we live in is shaped by the mass media, which have turned into the most important institution of our society and a battlefield for the various state, organisational, personal, economic, military, religious or socio-political interests. This study aims at managing media information and communication in dealing with all moments related to the triggering and development of a media crisis. As can be seen, the contemporary communication context values the rapidity, exactness and precise direction of communication in such a way that managing a media crisis should be done with minimal loss and maximum gain. Based on the influence it has on the public, the mass-media may generate a media crisis without any real support in the organization. An accusation, a piece of news released by a credible source or by a credible media channel need not be true in order to be harmful to the organization, so much the more that it may be potentially credible. In the development of a media crisis, the press becomes the main assessor of the events.


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Ghibanu, I. (2018). The Role of Mass-Media in Triggering and Developing the Media Crisis. Postmodern Openings, 9(4), 24-30.



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