The Ufology in the Version of C.G. Jung’s Psychoanalytical Thinking


  • Marius Constantin Cucu "Stefan cel Mare" University of Suceava, Romania
  • Oana Elena Lenta "Stefan cel Mare" University of Suceava, Romania,



Archetype, archetypal projection, UFO, ufology, observation, collective emotion, press rumour, myth,


Reports about the appearance of unidentified flying objects became in the 20 th century not only a constant of press texts, but also the basis for interpretations and speculations that swing between the alarmist scepticism and the ecstatic optimism. We do not know with certainty whether it is a physical or psychological phenomenon. From the perspective of Jungian analytics, people have been insisting on the thesis that implies that we are witnessing a process of projection of unconscious archetypal structures.
This idea is not opposed to the possibility of existence of a physical, real basis, but it insists on the connection between such a basis and the unconscious projective collective dynamics. You can start, therefore, from a perception of a real physical phenomenon so as archetypal structures to be triggered and later designed as the image of a complex global phenomenon, a phenomenon whose image is distorted by the modern mobility of the rumour. Thus, in the present work, we will expose how Jung chose to respond to this issue arousing interest in post-modernity, even more so as the dilemma is not solved, the query is still lacking a clear answer and Jung, although he provides his own interpretative opinion, urges to a caution specific to analytical wisdom in thought and action.


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Cucu, M. C., & Lenta, O. E. (2018). The Ufology in the Version of C.G. Jung’s Psychoanalytical Thinking. Postmodern Openings, 9(4), 44-53.



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