A Romanian-French Season


  • Liliana Turoiu National University of Arts Bucharest
  • Alina Maria Griga National University of Arts Bucharest
  • Venera Arapu National University of Arts Bucharest
  • Alina Gurguta National University of Arts Bucharest
  • Antoaneta Rodica Tica National University of Arts Bucharest




Romanian-French Season, fashion, garments, contemporary art, artistic message.


Starting from the deep artistic relations between Romania and France, this project aims to highlight the current methods of visual communication through fashion and the multiple connections established by costume design with other artistic fields. Today, communication through images, and especially through human image, represents a particular pursuit, fashion being an expanded, highly promoted domain with huge addressability to the young generation. The celebration of the two great events, namely the formation of the Romanian national unitary state and “The Armistice Day” that marks the end of the World War I, inspired the Fashion Design Department to come up with a series of creative themes. The tasks proposed by the teachers led the students to various explorations: from the runway collections to the performance costumes, from clothes gathered in art installations to garments as works of art. Therefore, students were trained to create commercially valuable pieces, but also wearable art for a series of unconventional experiments integrated into contemporary art. This complex project concluded with five different collections, unitary through their artistic message and value: Malmaison, Looking up to Dubuffet, Hasard, Blue Consensual and La Petite Robe Noire. The exploration of these subjects involved gathering extensive documentation about the 20th century artistic avant-garde, as well as a personal point of view on the different characteristics of the European cultural interference. The study contributes fundamentally to the development of each student's creativity.

Author Biographies

Liliana Turoiu, National University of Arts Bucharest

Associate Professor PhD

Fashion Design Department

Alina Maria Griga, National University of Arts Bucharest

Lecturer PhD

Fashion Design Department

Venera Arapu, National University of Arts Bucharest

Lecturer PhD Graduand

Fashion Design Department

Alina Gurguta, National University of Arts Bucharest

Lecturer PhD Graduand

Fashion Design Department

Antoaneta Rodica Tica, National University of Arts Bucharest

Lecturer PhD Candidate

Fashion Design Department


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How to Cite

Turoiu, L., Griga, A. M., Arapu, V., Gurguta, A., & Tica, A. R. (2019). A Romanian-French Season. Postmodern Openings, 10(1), 280-295. https://doi.org/10.18662/po/67



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