A Glimpse on Gender Inequality in Paid and Unpaid Works During Pandemic Times

Cristina Mocanu


The paper aims to analyse the different challenges that the pandemic crises and lockdown measures have on women lives and works. Pandemic crises ask for carrying activities, both paid and unpaid, works that are usually done by women. The focus of the paper is on the impact of the apparently gender-neutral measures adopted by the Romanian government on the lives and careers of women. We find women as majority both in the frontline services, but also in the sectors that are most affected by lockdown measures. Also we find women as major caregivers in their families, as mothers or grandmothers. Starting with the challenges that we are all currently facing, the last part of the paper aims to portrait the gender roles after lockdown ends and economic crises will take the place.


gender inequalities; women work; unpaid work; gendered impact.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18662/po/11.2/163


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