Solidarity of Efforts as a Common Condition for the Survival of the World in a Pandemic

Svitlana Hanaba, Olha Mysechko, Ihor Bloshchynskyi


The article reveals the issues of solidarity of efforts as a common condition for the survival of the world in a pandemic. The changing situation and its reassessment, the transition to new stages of development attest to the viability of society. Crises put a society or a person in a marginal position or a neutral zone, that is, in a situation where the usual stereotypes and behaviour are no longer working and there are no new ones. The crisis is of an ambivalent nature. On the one hand, it motivates people and social communities to find new ways, solutions, resources to acquire new skills, knowledge and as a consequence to develop. On the other hand, it demonstrates a serious imbalance, inconsistency, loss of equilibrium in the interaction of different social and natural systems and the consumer's attitude towards the environment, etc. Human society, including its current coherent subsystems, must become coherent with other living systems. Therefore, there is a need for a new paradigm of vision for social functions and structures and for human responsibility on a planetary scale.


crisis; pandemic; solidarity of efforts; humanity; coherence

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