Digital Colonization: Development of Digital Platforms in the Context of a Pandemic

Olga Gavrilenko, Anna Markeeva


The Corona Virus Pandemic has promoted radical forms of digital transformation in all over the world; has exacerbated the problems associated with the colonization of economic and social space by digital platforms. The strengthening of digital platforms in the economies of countries leads to the monopolization of markets and limits the possibilities of traditional (non-platform) organizations. "Platform ideology" is becoming dominant for managerial systems at the macro and micro levels. This process will inevitably lead to acute political crises due to the destruction of the "institutionalized reciprocity" between business and population, business and government. Digital platforms are transforming people's daily lives and colonizing social space. Now, it is necessary to create such conditions and ways that in the post-pandemic world, the opinions and interests of citizens, traditional businesses, and public organizations are taken into account in the process of reviewing key rules of life.


digital platform; social control; digital technologies; social resistance; Corona Virus Pandemic; COVID 19

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