Post Corona Society: How to Teach People be Social Again




asociality, society, China, mass character, Coronavirus, negative consequences


It is obvious that the world will be different after the Coronavirus quarantine and all the emotional issues connected with it go down and people get the opportunity to be back to «ordinary life». The process take place in China now (the country faced the social phenomena of universal quarantine and self-isolation) can show the world what problems we are to have after the world opens. Today China stimulates its people to become social again through educational work, money motivation, apply to traditions and other regulations. A long stay at home and a large amount of emotional information obtained from various media have formed new behavioral and psychological stereotypes. In particular, they also influenced people’s perception of other people and society in general. The article aims not only to analyze the world may face when go out of the quarantine and self-isolation period of Coronavirus disaster, but also to recommend some steps cant be taken to level negative social consequences.

Author Biographies

Yi Shi, Zhengzhou


Lilia Yaroschchuk, Berdyansk State Pedagogical University

PhD, associate professor

 Associate Professor of  Education and Pedagogics Department


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