Destruction of the Innocents(ce) and a Call to Conscious Action

Sana Loue


Aylan’s photo put a face to the ever-increasing numbers of faceless refugees.  The numbers could not arouse sympathy, but Aylan’s photo did, underscoring families’ pain and suffering even in their efforts to shield each other from the raging battles of the Kurdish forces and the Islamic state insurgents (Cole, 2017; Smith, 2015).  Perhaps the photo aroused compassion because Aylan looked so much like any child might, dressed in a t-shirt and shorts (Cole, 2017; O’Grady and Noack, 2019), or perhaps because we were able to see his face.  But that compassion was short-lived, if the gradually decreasing level of donations to campaigns for Syrian refugees is any indication (Cole, 2017).


child; political action; refugees; therapists; trauma

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