The Determinants and the Evolution of the Health Policies in Cardiovascular Medicine in a Postmodern Vision


  • Mihaela Tomaziu-Todosia Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Ia?i, Romania
  • Grigore Tinică Prof. Dr. George I.M. Georgescu” Cardiovascular Diseases Institute & “Grigore T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iasi, Romania



health, health policies, cardiovascular medicine, development


Public health is a scientific domain with significant population impact. Any irregularities or discrepancies affect all patients that depend on its normal function, therefore explaining the reason why public attention is always vastly invested in it. With a balanced health status in the population as primary goal, the domain of public health with its adopted policies stands at the frontlines. Public Health Policies can be resumed to three main aspects, based on the health system performance concept developed by the World Health Organization: population health status, citizen satisfaction with healthcare and the extent to which the system provides financial protection. Nowadays, with cardiovascular disease becoming the leading cause of death worldwide, the field of cardiovascular public health has gained significant general interest. The present article aims to address the importance of health policies from a determinants’ perspective while taking into consideration the influence of population illness on health policy development.

Author Biography

Mihaela Tomaziu-Todosia, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Ia?i, Romania

PhD Student, Management


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