Does Charlie Gard deserve to be taken off life Support?


  • Abiola BAMIJOKO-OKUNGBAYE University of Sofia, Bulgaria.



Ethics, medical ethics, bioethics, postmodern society, medicine


Charlie's death was a case that took the public aback by the decision taken at the Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) in London. Charlie Gard suffers from a rare disease called mitochondrial DNA disease, a malady that engenders the doctors at Great Ormond Street hospital in London to reach a unanimous decision to turn off his life support as there is no treatment available to treat him. According to the doctors involved, they have weighed his chances of recovery apparently his chances of survival are bleak. Because of this, his parents were denied the application of an alternative therapy which is possible in the United States. This paper thematizes bioethics principles to judge the decisions taken by the doctors in London. I intend to argue that their decision is incompatible with our conceptual idea of a free society. This paper will conclude that one significant principle of bioethics/liberal democracy was ditched, ergo making their decision questionable.


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BAMIJOKO-OKUNGBAYE, A. (2018). Does Charlie Gard deserve to be taken off life Support?. Postmodern Openings, 9(1), 7-21.



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