Exodus on the Post Prefix of the Romanian Public Discourse


  • Tomita CIULEI Valahia University of Targoviste




exodus, post prefix, Romanian public discourse,


As an editorial can not claim epistemic valences, but rather aims to be a avant la lettre radiograph of a clivage of history, I will submit to this publicistic rigor, without giving up the claim to issue valuable judgments which, upon rigor, may be assumed or, on the contrary, rejected.

The exodus that I am proposing, on a prefix so used today, was inspired by the history of a suffix, and I am thinking of logie (in Romanian and French), logia (in Italian) or logy (in English).




How to Cite

CIULEI, T. (2018). Exodus on the Post Prefix of the Romanian Public Discourse. Postmodern Openings, 9(1), 4-6. https://doi.org/10.18662/po/01

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