Social Assistance of Women in Prison


  • Alina Maria BREAZ PhD, university lecturer, “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad, Romania



women in prison, deviant behavior, penitentiary life, educational programs.


Life in the penitentiary is absolutely a life in a group where all intimacy is annulled, everything is done in front of others, and this leads to the censorship of sensitivity, to the conviction that everything is privative, that here the interpersonal relationship is a drain, a waste and can not hide from the evil side of the conduct of those around. The penitentiary is a closed space, a field of forces in an eternal misunderstanding based on a strict regularity, with psychological consequences on the detainee and the penitentiary staff. The community of each penitentiary, taken apart, is an anonymous world of people preserved by social prestige. The objective of the research was to conduct an analysis of the consequences of deprivation of liberty on women as well as their behavior. An original questionnaire of 10 questions was applied to a sample of 23 women aged 20 to 60. It took into account: profession, studies, civil status, committed deed, activities carried out in the penitentiary, the need for counseling, the level of integration into prison life. The consequences of deprivation of liberty and the influence of the penitentiary environment on women call for specialists to develop educational programs aimed at rebalancing and socially recovering detainees, preparing for social reintegration, and preventing the passing on of future generations of violent behavioral patterns.


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