Complaints addressed to the Ethics Committee

September 25th, 2018

To the attention of the ethics committee of LUMEN Publishing House, a complaint was made regarding a possible falsification of citations. The Ethics Committee takes this accusation very seriously and will investigate it in depth.

In essence, the author of the complaint states that some cited works have been quoted in articles published in the journal Postmodern Openings, in works that appear to have nothing to do with the themes of the cited articles. Falsifying citations is a serious charge and we will investigate it properly, starting the investigations on the presumption of innocence.

LUMEN Publishing House considers that the authors are in good faith and this presumption can only be overturned by solid evidence. Both parties were asked to clarify their position on the complaint. At the time the complaint will be resolved, we will make the results known on the Journal's website.

We mention that the Postmodern Openings Journal is a COPE member and adheres to the ethical principles of this organization


The Ethics Committee of LUMEN Publishing House 

RESULTS (October 4th, 2018): 

On the case opened on September 25th 2018, The Ethics Committee of LUMEN Publishing House has reached the following decision: we consider the case closed, the allegation being unsustained.

The case can be re-opened at any given time, upon request from any of the parts involved. 

No further actions will be taken at this time.