A Survey on IoT in Education


  • Ana-Maria Suduc Valahia University from Targoviste
  • Mihai Bîzoi Valahia University from Targoviste
  • Gabriel Gorghiu Valahia University from Targoviste




Internet of Things, education, smart gadgets, 3D printing, Erasmus project


The Internet of Things (IoT) has a major potential and already started to improve the human life in all sectors: smart cities, smart environment, smart water, smart metering, security and emergency, retail, logistics, industrial control, agriculture, home automation, eHealth and education. For example, in the construction and housing sector, smart buildings may integrate IoT technologies to increase efficiency, security, and comfort for inhabitants. In industry, smart wristbands may automate clocking in and out to precisely record the amount of time spent at work. In smart cities, the IoT technologies may be used to monitor parking spaces availability in the city, to monitor sound in different city areas in real time, to create intelligent and weather adaptive lighting in street lights etc. In education, the IoT technologies represent a great opportunity for schools and may be used in various ways: to collect and use data to enhance the learning experience, to support the meeting of the learning goals, to improve the overall school operations etc. Since IoT field is expected to grow significantly in the next years, it is a must to prepare young generations for these changes. The article presents a survey undertaken with university students enrolled in technical specializations, concerning their perspective on different aspects related to IoT technologies, their knowledge and their willingness to learn about the topic.


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How to Cite

Suduc, A.-M., Bîzoi, M., & Gorghiu, G. (2018). A Survey on IoT in Education. Revista Romaneasca Pentru Educatie Multidimensionala, 10(3), 103-111. https://doi.org/10.18662/rrem/66

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