Plagiarism and the Crisis of Higher Education


  • Bogdan Popoveniuc Associate Professor Ph.D., Department of Human, Social and Political Sciences, Head of the Doctoral School of Social and Human Sciences, University “Stefan cel Mare” of Suceava, Romania.



plagiarism, higher education, democracy, judicialization


Who are complaining about Romania that is far behind the developed democracies is wrong at least in one point. The practices and events of the last years proved that it has already aligned to the most advanced democracies as USA and Canada in aspect of the judicialization of politics, even though it has a genuine form. The fierce political battles of the last years, were characterized by unbelievable penal allegations ranging from the benign parliamentary political cross talk transformed in violations of the right to speech and of the presumption of innocence to the high treason and the coup d’état interpretations of some diplomatic discussions and civic protests. This generalized judicialization of politics has an unexpected collateral victim. Several major political leaders and heads of public, juridical or military institutions were accused of plagiarism in their doctoral thesis.


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