Percept of Teachers Regarding Integration of Education for Environment and Sustainable Development in Primary Schools


  • Gica Pehoiu Valahia University Targoviste, Romania



environmental education, sustainable development, geography, primary education, opinions, perceptions, attitudes.


Environmental education studies emphasize the importance of this type of education since small ages as a basis for developing appropriate attitudes and behaviour towards the long-term environment, increasing accountability and motivation to take action to protect the environment. Geography has an essential role in environmental education, given the interdisciplinary character of this science, which aims at the interaction between man and environment, so that many studies are devoted to how this discipline contributes to forming of this type of education. The present paper focuses on applying a questionnaire among teachers, they being discipline holders of some schools in Dâmboviţa County (Romania), to highlight their perceptions, with the main reference to the concept of environmental education in primary school. Perceptual studies will therefore be useful in understanding the importance that respondents place on these issues, how the concepts of environmental education and sustainable development are focused to students, methods and techniques used predominantly in the undertaken activities.


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Pehoiu, G. (2019). Percept of Teachers Regarding Integration of Education for Environment and Sustainable Development in Primary Schools. Revista Romaneasca Pentru Educatie Multidimensionala, 11(2), 256-269.

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