Extrapolation of Canadian Universities’ Internationalization Strategies into Ukrainian Higher Agrarian Education





internationalization, higher education, international students, adaptation, academic environment


The article reveals the experience of Canadian universities in the sphere of internationalization and its implementation into the academic process of the Ukrainian higher agrarian education. The authors of the article examined works of Canadian researchers concerning internationalization in higher education, the process of adaptation of international students to the foreign environment, in particular, those which describe the outcomes of students, belonging to non-European intellectual traditions. It was found out that the Canadian strategies in internationalization had resulted in increasing quality of education and scientific research by establishing links with international partners due to the active academic mobility, multicultural awareness and integration into the world scientific society. Analysing and resuming the materials, the questionnaires were compeled to identify the initial level of adaptation of international students to the Ukrainian agrarian university, focused on housing information, challenges, learning the English and Ukrainian languages, university authority support for international students, etc. Assuming findings of the study, pedagogical conditions, appropriate to successful adaptation of international students to the academic and cultural environment of the university were distinguished. The intercultural trainings programme was targeted to facilitate the process of international students‟ adaptation to the new multicultural academic environment, as well as provide the necessary skills for intercultural communication.

Author Biographies

Tatiana Fomenko, Sumy National Agrarian University

Senior Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages

Marina Bilotserkovets, Sumy National Agrarian University

Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages

Alexander Kobzhev, Sumy National Agrarian University

Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages


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How to Cite

Fomenko, T., Bilotserkovets, M., & Kobzhev, A. (2019). Extrapolation of Canadian Universities’ Internationalization Strategies into Ukrainian Higher Agrarian Education. Revista Romaneasca Pentru Educatie Multidimensionala, 11(2), 110-125. https://doi.org/10.18662/rrem/120

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