Information Support of Educationalists as an Important Function of a Postgraduate Education System




Postgraduate pedagogical education, information support, teachers, computer technologies


The conducted research on the status of information support of educationalists made it possible to install that such basic functions of scientific and pedagogical information as analytical-prognostic, integrative, and a function of operational and purposeful formation of various categories of specialists at present are not sufficiently implemented. This can be accounted for by the versatility and complexity of pedagogical process itself, as well as by a low level and limited range of developing operational systems differentiated scientific and methodological services to various categories of teaching staff. The research classified the types of information required in the system of postgraduate education of teaching staff.

Based on the theoretical analysis of information access in the system of postgraduate pedagogical education (PPE), and programs of information and library service of teaching staff, it has been rationalized that there is a great necessity for establishing centers of scientific and information support aiming at improving the qualification of teaching staff. With this in view, ways of improving the informational function of PPE have been thoroughly studied and revealed. The most significant of them suggests that an automated corporate information system and a corresponding Internet site must be created. This can ensure the remote search and delivery of electronic materials from the funds of the State scientific and pedagogical library, and the libraries of educational institutions; an exchange of resources with other libraries and organizations; developing information and telecommunication technologies in institutions of postgraduate education; training teachers to use computer technologies, etc.

Author Biography

Olga Vladimirovna Yezhova, Volodymyr Vynnychenko Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University

Professor at the Chair of theory and methods of technological training, professional labour and life safety


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How to Cite

Kuzminskyi, A. I., Bida, O. A., Kuchai, O. V., Yezhova, O. V., & Kuchai, T. P. (2019). Information Support of Educationalists as an Important Function of a Postgraduate Education System. Revista Romaneasca Pentru Educatie Multidimensionala, 11(3), 263-279.

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