Fairy-Tale Therapy as a Means of Forming Health- Saving Competence of Children with SEN





health, competence, health-saving competence, fairy-tale therapy, children with special educational needs


The article is devoted to defining the peculiarities of forming health-saving competence of children, including the ones with special educational needs, by fairytale therapy means.

The objective of the study is to highlight the specific way in which the health-saving competence of children, including the ones with SEN, can be formed by means of fairy-tale therapy.

Results: A list of fairy tales, works of children's literature, poems, cartoons and films was identified. Examples of activities for children using the fairytale therapy are given. The directions of formation and development health-saving competence of children, including the ones with SEN, by fairy-tale therapy means are highlighted. Examples of activities for children using the fairytale therapy are given: 1) analysis of the story content, the behaviour of characters, their actions, consideration of illustrations and conversation behind them; 2) making illustrations from puzzles; 3) working with interactive books / toy-book / book with icons; 4) drawing the illustrations; 5) putting the sentence in the correct order (according to the content of the fairy tale (story, poem, cartoon, children's film); 6) preparation and participation in a theatrical performance; 7) making puppets for puppet theatre; 8) guessing puzzles, selecting proverbs, sayings that can illustrate the content; 9) guessing crosswords; 10) participation in the game trip; 11) housekeeping of illustrations, objects, stroking, hatching; 12) forming mental operations etc.

Conclusions: Fairy-tale therapy is an effective, entertaining and affordable tool that can be used by the educator to form the health-saving competence of children, including the ones with SEN.


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