The Impact of Storytelling on the Preschoolers' Psycho-Emotional Development


  • Mihaita Roca Lecturer Ph.D., „Petre Andrei” University of Iaşi, Romania
  • Marta Vicol Lecturer Ph.D., „Petre Andrei” University of Iaşi, Romania



preschool, storytelling, current pedagogies, Franz Kett


Known as the golden age of childhood, the period between 3 and 7 years old is characterized by an obvious evolution from a state of general equilibrium within the family environment, to a state of great instability and expansion. The preschooler is moving briskly towards more appropriate conduct of social conveniences and develops a lot of independence, contributes decisively to the establishment of his own internal structure, the Self, and launches into the universe of imagination. An intense psycho-emotional development is now supported by a continuous interrogation fuelled by countless "why" and "how", and great curiosity is a fascinating motive towards the world of storytelling, as a place of expression of thoughts, feelings and finally, actions. The method of storytelling in various current pedagogies, such as that proposed by Franz Kett, proves its effectiveness precisely by the happy combination of imagination and story, on one hand, and the extremely important role of sensations and perceptions in the mental and emotional plane, on the other. The universe of childhood thus has the chance to be a place of symbolic integration of dialogue with itself and with the world.


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Roca, M., & Vicol, M. (2022). The Impact of Storytelling on the Preschoolers’ Psycho-Emotional Development. Revista Romaneasca Pentru Educatie Multidimensionala, 14(4 Sup.1), 217-233.



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