Helping Children Overcome Socio-Emotional and Behavioral Problems Based on the Kids’ Skills Method


  • Beata Zięba-Kołodziej Lecturer at State University in Tarnobrzeg, Poland
  • Maria Oliinyk Yurii fedkovich National University of Chernivtsi, Ukraine



emotional, social and behavioral disorders, children and young people, the Kids' Skills method


Developmental, emotional, social and behavioral disorders of children and adolescents are a worldwide problem. Many of them can be avoided by undertaking a therapeutic and personal development intervention aimed at helping children overcome their problems. Children are able to solve some of them on their own, with the participation of adults including relatives. Finding a solution and its effective implementation results in better functioning of children in the social context and in assuming responsibly the roles assigned to them. It is also an investment in the future of children, because the solved difficulties will not be baggage in adulthood. Experience points out to the effectiveness of the Finnish Kids’Skills method in solving children's problems. It consists in learning new skills, the lack of which can be the cause of the children’s malfunction and of behavior that is inconsistent with the expectations of the people around them.


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Zięba-Kołodziej, B., & Oliinyk, M. . (2023). Helping Children Overcome Socio-Emotional and Behavioral Problems Based on the Kids’ Skills Method. Revista Romaneasca Pentru Educatie Multidimensionala, 15(3), 31-43.



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