Psychology of First Names: Attitude Change


  • Gabriella LOSONCZY Colegiul National Mihai Eminescu, Iasi
  • Lavinia Maria PRUTEANU Universitatea Petre Andrei, Iasi


first names, attitude change, effect of names


The first names have been approached by specialist from various domains: anthropology, sociology, lingvistics, and psychology. The psychologist is interested in the effect of first name over the identity of the person, if the name determines the way others sees us, or how to we see ourselves. In this article I presented a research in which I wanted to know if the exposure to pictures associated with names will change how a person evalutes that name. The results indicate that there is no influence in this situation, but leaves the door open for many questions on the psychology of first names.


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LOSONCZY, G., & PRUTEANU, L. M. (2018). Psychology of First Names: Attitude Change. Anuarul Universitatii "Petre Andrei" Din Iasi - Fascicula: Asistenta Sociala, Sociologie, Psihologie, 19, 105-119. Retrieved from

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