Project Manager. Operational Models – Antonio SANDU, Simona PONEA, Oana BRADU

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Romanian edition. Original title: MANAGER DE PROIECT. MODELE OPERATIONALE

Antonio SANDU, Simona PONEA, Oana BRADU


FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 220          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN:  978- 9731662936

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The paper brings to the reader’s attention a number of aspects regarding the competences of the project manager, the purpose and objectives of a training program, the design of financing proposals, the project budget, the management of the team, the communication and the quality of the project. The occupational standard Project Manager applies to all social-economic sectors, in which the activities are conceived and carried out on the basis of projects of different sizes and complexities. The project manager is considered the main factor of efficient absorption of the community funds. The project manager occupation is concretely provided by all the persons who have the responsibility to realize and implement projects at operational level, both with internal and external financing, public or private. Also the volume contains conceptual clarifications of some terms, the knowledge of which is strictly necessary for the occupation of project manager. An example would be the conceptual delimitation of the terms of project, program and financing proposal. (The authors)

Topics of interest:

  • volumes for teaching purposes
  • project manager
  • occupational standard

Author: Editura LUMEN

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