Catharsis Canvases – Florentina MUŞAT

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Romanian edition. Original title: PANZE DE CATARSIS

Florentina MUSAT

LUMEN – Copyright © 2010POETRY & FICTION Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 154          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 978-973-166-209-1

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Fragment from the volume:

The rusty mold flowers grew among the bricks of the wall. It was so ancestral that it seemed that the years would have bitten him, his teeth poisoned by atropine, and the winds would have sucked his awe. Almost grounded, the flowers stretched high on the wall, crowding like real boxing. They slipped feverishly through the cracks, avoiding the sporadic sunlight, which only wished to awaken the clumps of raw green from the hibernating numbness. The foundation of the wall looked like a bruised tomb, for down there the flowers were almost one with the earth. They had penetrated the ground, infiltrating with the hail crystals. I preoccupied myself with the blanket, enclosing the wall with steps melted by the heat of the earth, I watched stiffly as the wall rose high in the sky, piercing the pencil of clouds. I was more and more convinced that before the world of life, the nuns got their hands in a gang, sanctifying the place with demiurgical blows, then carried it to the highest peaks, where it could hardly have reached human foot.

Author: Editura LUMEN

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