The priest form Schiulesti – Elena STAN

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Romanian version. Original title: PARINTELUL DIN SCHIULESTI

Elena STAN

LUMEN – Copyright © 2008 – POETRY & FICTION Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 183          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 978-973-166-044-8

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Fragment from the volume:

“[…] I went to forget. I ran away from the image of my torn soul, full of blood, torn to pieces and it follows me everywhere. Sometimes at night I wriggle like a snake. The venom gathered in me hurts me, poison the peace and my body in flames shatters clinging to the bedding of snow… I can not recover from the nightmare The arrows of words wander near my ears, I see myself on my knees on the battlefield, then delirious … My tortured Self is thirsty, I have two true friends left and that’s it, I’m crying unconsciously, the source of tears seems inexhaustible, my eyes hurt, my images are disturbed, Only my heart burns and reminds me that I live -I wanted death, I begged her to come on my knees and I made plans how to get rid of this miserable life . I knelt down, crawled and raised my fist to the sky, but God did not punish me. I haven’t talked to anyone about suicide and abandonment, yes, I carry with me a flock of bitter memories and they come to my mind one by one: some go away, others return. Only the warm smile of the Self will always be in my mind. “


Author: Editura LUMEN

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