Stories- Ana Maria MANDRA, Gabriela Gratiana ZAICA

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Romanian edition. Original title: POVESTI

Ana Maria MANDRA, Gabriela Gratiana ZAICA

LUMEN – Copyright © 2010POETRY & FICTION Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 176          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 9731662243

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Fragment from the volume:

“Long ago, when the books were read, in a small town, at the end of the world, a boy named Vlad lived. One day, if it didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have something to tell you now, he had to read a book called Shadow Castle. Education. What a torment it must be for a boy his age! He looked at the table, an old table, carved by time, there stood the book in question. And he thought, I wish I knew what was in that book without reading it. His thought did not end well, as a dazzling light appeared on the table. He had the impression that he was looking at the sun. Sun in his room, that was something new. The next moment he woke up on a plain he had never seen before, with emerald grass, raw, and fragrant flowers, many flowers. He felt a complete inner peace, the chirping of the birds delighted him, and yet something frightened him. How did he get there? Where is he, actually? Do not start to wonder. Someone shouted a name and walked over to him. She was a beautiful woman with long hair, modestly dressed and red in the cheeks. “


Author: Editura LUMEN

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