Author guidelines

In order to perform a correct and efficient evaluation of the scientific quality and the market value of the materials proposed for publication, the authors are requested that, in the publication proposal, to fill out the form below and send it to the editorial office at, together with the manuscript / sample of manuscript proposed for evaluation.

Form for submiting a manuscript

Mandatory criteria for proposing a volume:

  1. Sending significant fragments from the volume. They must be sent together with the full volume.
    A work will not be judged solely on the basis of significant fragments, as the Publishing House must verify the non-existence of plagiarism, the actual possibility of publishing the work in due time, etc.
    The peer-review editorial evaluation process consists of two stages: one of evaluation of significant fragments, which is eliminatory, and the second, of editorial analysis of the volume, in which the entire content of the volume is evaluated.
  2. Abstract of the volume in Romanian and English.
  3. A set of 10 keywords.
  4. Technical information about the volume: number of pages, illustrations, diagrams, tables, etc. (if you want to print them in color, please specify).
  5. Clearly framing the volume in one of the publishing domains of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House :
    – social sciences, sociology, social assistance, psychology, education sciences, communication sciences;– law and legal sciences;– economics, political science, European studies;– philology: Romanian language and literature, foreign languages and literatures;

    – philosophy, theology and religious studies;

    – history and cultural studies;

    – education sciences;

    – fiction.

  6. A declaration of compliance with the drafting rules of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House and the declaration of acceptance of the volume being evaluated by LUMEN Scientific Publishing House .
    For the Programs LUMEN Cultural Book and LUMEN Scientific Book, the following statements will be added: a statement regarding the non-subsidization of the work from other sources, a declaration of assuming responsibility for the originality of the work.
  7. Sending a letter of intent. In the letter of intent, the arguments considered by the author significant for accepting the publication and the reason for choosing LUMEN Scientific Publishing House will be presented.
  8. Sending the resume, accompanied by a brief description of the author of 10 to 15 lines, as well as a photograph. The description must contain information from the biography of the author of the work (eg: previous publications, courses taught, internships, researches carried out, etc.). Sending a description of the author is not an elimination criterion, but it can improve the score of the paper.

*Please pay attention when drafting the editorial proposal! It must not contain spelling or syntax errors, it must not be ambiguous or unclear. It must be coherent and concise, allowing the reviewers to understand exactly what the manuscript is about, what elements of novelty and scientific or cultural value the volume proposes.

It is in your advantage to send a letter of intent containing the following information:

  1. Clear identification of the benefits and advantages that readers and, especially, students, masters and doctoral students have after reading the proposed volume.
    Information, if any and the author can indicate, about the type of audience that might be interested in the volume (eg students, teachers, researchers) and, where possible, will indicate an approximate number of targeted readers.
  2. The author(s) will present in a few paragraphs, the topic and subject of the volume, the epistemological, methodological, cultural approach, the goals considered when the volume was developed (eg, the intention to be a university course, a monograph, a doctoral thesis, etc.), data on the research that the volume is based on, if any.
  3. The novelty of the publication and the way it differs from other publications on the market.
  4. The main references, which have contributed significantly to the elaboration of the volume as a paradigm, as methodology, as vision, ideas that the author has argued or combated.
  5. What are the main shortcomings (limitations) in the knowledge of the field in which the volume is published, which determined the author(s) to elaborate the volume (research gaps), to the extent that the author was able to identify such gaps.
  6. How the author thinks that the field in which he publishes will evolve, and which is the timeframe in which he foresees that the information presented in the volume will be outdated and will no longer be current.
  7. How many books with similar content has the author identified on the Romanian or international market while elaborating the volume.

Printed copies

The publishing house proposes an initial number of printed copies, and it is accepted in agreement with the author. The minimum number of printed copies for the Program LUMEN The Pre-approved Book is 100, and for the other programs of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , the minimum print is 200 copies. By mutual agreement between the author and the Publishing House, in case of exhaustion of the first print, additional prints can be made, as long as the volume is current, after which new editions of the same work can be made, but only in an updated version.

The publishing house does not display volumes / articles that are not accepted for publication on the website, in order to maintain the confidentiality of the collaboration with the authors.

Distribution in bookstores

The distribution of volumes in libraries is made according to their request by the partner libraries of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House or other libraries throughout the country.

LUMEN Scientific Publishing House informs the partner libraries as well as other libraries in the country on a quarterly basis, through catalogs with publications, regarding the new releases. Due to the extremely long deadlines for recovering the money from certain libraries and the very small volume of sales that some librarians make, LUMEN Scientific Publishing House reserves the right to collaborate with online bookstores, libraries and bookstores who pay on order, respectively on terms. LUMEN Scientific Publishing House restricts the distribution through the libraries with the payment for sale, which it maintains only with already partnered libraries.

All volumes published since February 2010 will be automatically published in GOOGLE BOOKS, regardless of the field of publication. For previous works, scientific books are a priority. If an author wishes to exclude his volume from GOOGLE BOOKS, LUMEN Scientific Publishing House will do so following the author’s request. The presence of volumes in Google Books and the free access to fragments of the volume to any interested reader around the world is not and cannot be considered a copyright infringement, and the author understands not to request copyright for the views made by Google users within this service. Moreover, this is a service to promote both the volume, the author and the Publishing House.

All the editorial releases of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House are published on the websites within 6 months from release. The publishing house cannot be held responsible for the temporary lack of a volume on the websites, especially if it is due to technology errors.

The publisher cannot be held responsible for a volume not being accepted by one or more physical or online book stores / libraries.

The Publishing House assures all authors that it makes every effort to ensure the best visibility of the volumes, within the limits of the number of printed copies. For this, we will select the distributors that along the time, have demonstrated high flow of distribution for our titles. LUMEN Scientific Publishing House acts this way in order to avoid blocking copies in bookstores or warehouses.

Free shipping of volumes to libraries in the country, to specialists in the field, to specialized editors, as well as to databases from abroad, such as the US Library of Congress, the British Library and other internationally renowned libraries, is considered an additional service and adds to the calculation of the cost of producing the volume. Thus, 20 copies of the print will be retained by LUMEN Scientific Publishing House and will be delivered in promotional purposes, the author being asked to specify a list of 10 persons / institutions where he wants to have his volume delivered free of charge, the other 10 copies being delivered by LUMEN Scientific Publishing House where considered appropriate. If the author does not send his list, LUMEN Scientific Publishing House will use all 20 volumes for promotional purposes as it will consider it most effective for highlighting the work. This obligation is not included in the Lumen Pre-approved Book Program, but we recommend the authors to request it on their own initiative. If this program will publish books that are far from the editorial profile of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , for whose scientific nature LUMEN Scientific Publishing House cannot guarantee, the Publishing House will decline offering this service.