The reviewers of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House are scientific and cultural personalities, recognized nationally and internationally, doctors in the scientific field in which they are required to formulate peer-review, and in special or exceptional circumstances, they can be doctoral students.

The reviewers must have a rich scientific or academic experience in their field in order to be chosen as a reviewer, their expertise being certified through publications, conferences, research grants, etc. and to have previously collaborated with LUMEN Scientific Publishing House and LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences.

The Scientific Committee of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House invites interested persons to be scientific reviewers of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , for the Law Book Series or for the journals of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House .

As a reviewer, you will play an important role in ensuring that the scientific papers submitted for evaluation for publication meet the highest level of scientific quality.

The OJS platform, which hosts the LUMEN Scientific Publishing House journals, offers the historical background of the reviews carried out, for the situation in which this could be of use as a proof of your scientific activity.

The minimum condition for becoming a scientific reviewer of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House is that the applicant has the title of doctor or is enrolled in doctoral studies.

Following the acceptance received from the Scientific Committee of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , consisting of university staff and experienced researchers, the applicants will be registered on the scientific reviewers list of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , on the basis of signing an agreement in this regard.

Interested persons are invited to send an e-mail to, entitled “LUMEN Reviewer”, which will contain:

  • the name and surname of the applicant,
  • email address,
  • phone number,
  • city and country of residence,
  • the name of the institution / institutions to which the applicant is affiliated,
  • the headquarters of the institution,
  • web address of the institution’s website (the proof link of the applicant’s registration in the structure of the affiliation institution),
  • degree / academic degree and / and position held within the institution,
  • the list of published works,
  • curriculum vitae.

Applicants who are nationally and internationally recognized personalities of scientific or cultural life in their field of expertise will be selected as reviewers of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House .

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