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LUMEN Publishing House is an international scientific publishing house, headquartered in Iasi (Romania) and  London (Great Britain)

The LUMEN Publishing House has been operating within the LUMEN Association since 2001, and is currently under the coordination of the LUMEN  Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences (Romania).

LUMEN Publishing House is member of The Publishers International Linking Association (PILA), its open access publications benefiting from the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Digital Online Identifier offered by CrossRef.

The LUMEN Publishing House is member of the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE), supporting the ethical editorial standards and ethical research standards,  laid down by COPE in association with the Helsinki Declaration.
The editorial and scientific work of the LUMEN Publishing House is divided into three major components:
• books: scientific (individual volumes, collective volumes) in the form of monographs, treatises, theses and university courses, fiction (short prose, novels) and poetry  – www.lumenpublishing.com
• conference volumes – conference proceedings –  www.lumenpublishing.com/proceedings
• Scientific journals – www.lumenpublishing.com/journals (12 scientific journals)