Brief History Of The Logos- Bogdan BAGHIU

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Romanian edition. Original title: SCURTA ISTORIE A LOGOSULUI


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FORMAT: Tipărit         PAGINI: 207          LIMBA: Română

ISBN:  978-973-166-261-9



That is why it seems to us that the central theme of Bogdan Baghiu’s book on a logocentric philosophy of history is fully justified, as its center is everywhere, and therefore the Evangelical Lamb. There are other interesting ideas that find a beautiful stylistic expression and logically coherent arguments in the book Short History of the Logos, but of these we mention two, three such as: the foundation of the ontology as a meta-discipline of communication through the embodiment of the Logos, the spatial sacralization of the human being , Maximian soteriological ontology, Christological justification and defense by Clement of Alexandria. Indeed, if one compares Christianity with Buddhism, for example, in which salvation is obtained only in the negative way and only through the individual’s own powers and efforts, the superiority of the Christian doctrine is required. Indeed, it is quite strange a doctrine that comes with the idea that you must be pleasing to God, only in a negative way, not doing, not working, not eating, in other words doing nothing but aiming at Nirvana. In Christianity, as is known from the apostles Paul and James, faith, but also deed, at least in the Orthodox cult, as regards Martin Luther, the sole fides expected by him is too well known. (Constantin MARIN)

Topics of interest:

  • philosophy
  • stoic philosophy
  • Greek logos
  • Christian logos

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