Ethics and Sociology Seminars – Antonio SANDU (coordinator)

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Romanian edition. Original title: SEMINARII DE ETICA SI SOCOLOGIE

Antonio SANDU (coordinator)

LUMEN – Copyright © 2014SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         

PAGES: 199         

LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN:  973-166-374-6

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With a preface signed by Assoc. Prof. PhD Camelia Maria Cezara Ignatescu, the volume is coordinated by Prof. PhD Antonio Sandu, and collects articles written by students from the programs of studies Public Administration and Law within the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Public Administration – “Stefan cel Mare” University Suceava. The topics addressed are among the most delicate issues raised by the ethics of public administration, but also by the controversial subject of the students’ attitude towards sexual life. The publication of this volume responds to a didactic need to constitute another kind of seminar that proposes to the students their own activity and presents to the next generations of students the results of the activity of their colleagues from older years, or who have already graduated. (LUMEN Scientific Publishing House )

Topics of interest:

  • applied ethics
  • sociology
  • Sustainable Development
  • transparency in public administration
  • authorship


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