Social-Constructionist Epistemology – Antonio SANDU

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Antonio SANDU

LUMEN – Copyright © 2012 – CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Book Series

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ISBN:  978- 973-166-310-4

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The volume Social-constructionist epistemology analyzes social constructionism in all its dimensions: ontological, epistemological, methodological, semiotic-hermeneutical and pragmatic. The ontological dimension of social constructionism presupposes that reality itself is a social construct, generated after multiple negotiations on the interpretations that individuals give to the world. Reality has the meaning that individuals build and ascribe to the surrounding world. This ontological vision takes into account the Kantian distinction between things themselves and phenomena. As a phenomenon, the world is a construction whose meaning is socially established, but which once established becomes real as a context of coexistence. (The author)

Topics of interest:

  • philosophy
  • sociology
  • social constructionism
  • constructionist epistemology

Author: Editura LUMEN

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