Sociology of Terrorism – Maria Cristina ABOBOAIE

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Romanian edition. Original title: SOCIOLOGIA TERORISMULUI

Maria Cristina ABOBOAIE

LUMEN – Copyright © 2014SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         

PAGES: 310         

LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN:  9789731663692

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The volume aims to carry out an objective research, surpassing the culturalist approaches, of a more comprehensive and clear research on the manifestation of international terrorism. The work is realized from a sociological perspective, and the bibliography used has an interdisciplinary character. For this reason, during more than two years, we identified and studied a lot of relevant research in the field of social sciences, with the purpose of understanding and elaborating our own sociological thesis on international terrorism. (The author)

Topics of interest:

  • sociology
  • international terrorism
  • Islamic fundamentalism
  • militant Islamism\
  • combating terrorism


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