Succession reserve – Madalina MORARIU

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Romanian Edition. Original Title: REZERVA SUCCESORALA

Madalina MORARIU

LUMEN – Copyright © 2006 – LAW Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 294          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN: 978-973-1703-17-6

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The author’s approach aims with sufficient maturity, seriousness and elegance an area in which the need for a monographic approach was felt. The paper is highlighted by the thorough critical examination of the points of view expressed in the literature on the issues raised by the institution of the succession reserve. The documentation exercise carried out on the occasion of this work (and, moreover, visible also by the magnitude of the footnotes) should be especially highlighted. Where appropriate, the relevant judicial practice is also analyzed. The author adheres to some points of view, but also shows originality, arguing her own opinions in the examined subject. We appreciate that this monograph represents a pertinent approach in an attempt to perceive in an innovative way an institution that, apparently, is outside the immediate legal passions. (Lect. PhD Codrin Macovei)

Topics of interest:

  • civil law
  • succession reserve
  • quota available

Author: Editura LUMEN

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