The relationship with LUMEN Scientific Publishing House regarding the purchase of products and services is subject to the following terms and conditions. To the extent that you consider that you cannot comply with these provisions, please specify this aspect expressly when initiating a commercial, contractual or other relationship subject to these terms and conditions with LUMEN Scientific Publishing House . The e-mail address to which you can contact us for issues related to the terms and conditions is editura.lumen@gmail.com.


The general terms and conditions will apply to all sales of products and services by LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , to the Buyer, through the virtual bookstores / site or directly.

The following terms mean:

  • Buyer / Client – natural or legal person who requests editorial services or places a book order to LUMEN Scientific Publishing House .
  • Seller – LUMEN Association, LUMEN Scientific Publishing House .
  • Products – any good and / or editorial service provided by LUMEN Association.
  • Order – requesting a product or service from LUMEN Scientific Publishing House .


By placing an order online, by e-mail or by telephone, the Buyer agrees to the form of communication (by telephone or e-mail). submitting an order means that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy.

To the extent that your order cannot be completed, for whatever reason, we will contact you at the e-mail address provided by you.

The placed order does not necessarily require the transmission of a confirmation of receipt by the seller, but if within 7 working days you did not receive the order or an e-mail from LUMEN Scientific Publishing House , please contact us to assure us that you have completed all the steps of placing the order.

Orders are subject to the rules on remote contracts.

LUMEN Scientific Publishing House may subcontract and / or assign to a third party (courier) for services related to the delivery of the order or the honoring of a certain service (for example, a printing company in order to print books).


LUMEN Scientific Publishing House has the obligation to honor the Order.

The information presented on the LUMEN Association websites is informative and may be modified by LUMEN Association. The communication with LUMEN Scientific Publishing House will be made in writing to the e-mail address edituralumen@gmail.com, as well as by posting on the Facebook pages of the LUMEN Association indicated in the header and footer of the website lumenpublishing.com.

Opinions or addresses containing insults or inappropriate, licentious language will be excluded or not validated. The LUMEN Scientific Publishing House has the freedom to manage the posts received online without having to provide justifications for it.


The customer has the obligation to carefully analyze the description and characteristics of the products. For any clarifications, contact the LUMEN Association. Placing an order / service without requiring further clarification makes it clear that you agree and have understood the description of that product / service as shown on the site / Facebook page.

The Buyer has the obligation to provide valid information, necessary for the preparation of the invoice and the delivery of the order in good conditions, in order to arrive on time and in safe conditions to the Buyer.

The buyer has the obligation to pay the price of the products from the Order.


LUMEN Scientific Publishing House cannot be held liable for any damages, regardless of their nature, produced during or as a result of using the site and the services offered online, or as a result of the use or inability to use its products and services.

LUMEN Association does not guarantee the uninterrupted and error-free operation of the site and the servers, as it is not responsible for the specific risks of the use of computer websites (viruses, other elements or actions that may cause specific damage to the Internet and digital technologies, including the violation of information security by hackers).

Force majeure and the needs of updating the sites are elements that lead to the removal of any form of liability of LUMEN Association.


Users of the site are prohibited:

• to violate the laws in force regarding online distance contracting, conducting cracking, hacking or similar activities, which endanger the proper functioning of the site, the server, the security of information, etc.
• reproduce parts of the site or create derivative products obtained through the site.


For distance sales, the provisions of the Romanian Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 regarding the rights of consumers in the contracts concluded with the professionals apply.

The buyer has no right to return products/services unless they have a defect. The return will be made at the time of delivery, by the refusal to receive the package, or by sending the package or part of the package that is to be returned within a maximum 48 hours after receipt, otherwise it is considered that the products have reached the buyer without any defect.

Any contestation of the invoice or of the costs will be made within the term of storage of the package at the courier (7 days from the date of arrival of the package to the courier where the buyer resides): for other services, the term is also of 7 days starting from the day LUMEN Scientific Publishing House informed the customer of the latest development regarding their ordered service.

The unjustified refusal to receive a product will lead to the cancellation of the client’s right to place further orders.

The seller is obliged to refund the amount paid by the buyer, including the costs of delivery, in case of full return. In the case of partial return, the seller will refund to the customer only the amount paid by the customer for the returned products.

The shipping charges for the return package will be paid by the customer;

Orders will be placed:

  • for deliveries in Romania, through the LUMEN Virtual Library
  • for deliveries outside Romania, through Amazon

Deliveries will be made by courier.The minimum order for Romania is 50 lei. The value of the shipping fee charged by the courier will be added to the price of the order. For orders exceeding 100 lei, the shipping fee is included in the price.

For Amazon orders, Amazon shipping rules will apply.

For book orders, the products will be paid by courier refund.

For the other editorial services, the payment will be made in one of the bank accounts indicated in the section Payment and fees.


For personal data protection, read here.


The entire content of the site, regardless of its nature (text, images, graphics, software and other similar elements), is the property of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House or LUMEN Association, and, as the case may be, other parties (for example, the authors of the volume fragments published on the site).

The use of the content without the consent of LUMEN Scientific Publishing House of the rightful owners is forbidden and punished according to the laws in force.