Time in Philosophy and Science – Andreea Elena MATIC

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Romanian edition. Original title: TIMPUL IN FILOSOFIE SI STIINTA

Andreea Elena MATIC

LUMEN – Copyright © 2017CULTURAL DIMENSIONS Book Series

FORMAT: Paperback         PAGES: 268          LANGUAGE: Romanian

ISBN:  978-973-166-449-1

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The enormous literature, both specialized and popularized, written about the problems of time, is clearly above the possibilities of comprehensive reading of the singular individual. For this reason, the author’s personal syntheses made to the main theories, models and concepts under discussion at the international level are always welcome, such syntheses being able to bring the boost of knowledge, understanding and living inherent to the “good” bias (which proves the whole, without amputateing it). There are steps towards spreading great truths that humanity strives for centuries to deepen, signs of one’s sincere desire to share them with others, after thinking with their own minds, together with the effort to leave the field open to even larger questions and that hang in the shadow of knowledge… (The author)

Topics of interest:

  • philosophy
  • cosmogonic myths
  • philosophical time
  • scientific time

Author: Editura LUMEN

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