Challenges for the Entrepreneurial Environment and the European Union During the Pandemic


  • Irina Geanina Harja “Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Suceava, Romania



Entrepreneurship, pandemic, crisis, European Union, European funds


In the last decade, it has come to the recognition and awareness that European states and the business environment have been constantly guided by the objectives set out in the strategies by the European Union. Due to the crises, that arose, the whole of contemporary society was in a constant struggle to maintain a balance between the economic, social and environmental. Thus, the trinomial of the interdependence between economic growth, resource use and environmental protection, now known as "sustainable development", creates a multitude of activities that succeed in promoting realistic strategies on how to manage the natural resource base. Currently, due to the new crisis in the European economy, a trinomial has formed between entrepreneurship - pandemic - sustainable development. The EU continues to play its role in protecting citizens and the business community by mobilizing financial resources to minimize the negative impact of the pandemic. The purpose of this article is to highlight the fact that awareness of the emergence of a new impending crisis is forcing EU states to consider the sustainable development of the entrepreneurial environment as the driving force of the late twentieth century.


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