A Summary Prospecting of Possibilities of Providing Public Health Services at the Level of North-East Region of Romania


  • Patricia Bostan Infectious Diseases Hospital Sf. Cuvioasa Paraschiva, Octav Botez 2, Iaşi 700116, Romania; Faculty of Medicine, Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Farmacy, Universitatii 16, Iasi 700115, Romania




public health system, Romania, strategic options, North-East region, disadvantaged population, inequalities, spiral health infrastructure, regional health services plan


This paper investigates issues related to the public health system in the North-East Region of Romania, focusing on possibilities for addressing/improving specific deficiencies/difficulties. The concerned region is characterized by the highest and densest population in the country, with a significant proportion of residents in rural areas (55%) and a high level of poverty. Population health indicators are among the weakest nationally, and the healthcare infrastructure is inadequate for the population's needs, with an uneven distribution that generates significant inequalities in access to medical services in the respective counties. Starting from the (statistical) certainty that Romania ranks among EU member states with the highest avoidable mortality, the paper addresses both preventable causes through public health interventions and treatable causes through quality care. After a brief introduction, the overall state of the public health system in Romania is examined, followed by a detailed analysis of the main issue stated in the title, highlighting multiple critical aspects based on data and information from official reports of prestigious institutions. Special attention is given to specific issues in local communities related to healthcare infrastructure and the provision of medical services, as well as possible solutions offered through the implementation of the General Regional Health Services Plan 2021-2027 in the North-East Region. The paper concludes with a section of conclusions, which includes perspectives on the future development of the analyzed sector.


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