Reciprocal Associations between Communication Styles and Types of Pedagogical Approaches to Conflict Resolution

Andra-Mirabela Adascalitei


The aim of the present research has been to analyze how communication styles influence the personal predominant approaches of teachers in the event of a conflict broke out in the classroom. The participants were 46 teachers, from schools in Dorohoi and Darabani. The methods used were the standardized questionnaire "Communication style" (Solomon Marcus) and the adapted questionnaire of W.J. Kreidler. The present paper starts from the hypothesis that the use of persuasive messages correlates with the type of pedagogical approach in conflict resolution. The use of intervention strategies for classroom management largely depends on pedagogical tact and teacher skill. Conflict is part of school reality, but the teacher’s ability to persuade may be defining in his regulation. Every pedagogical approach (of involvement, problem solving, of the compromised type, noninvolvement type, ignorance type) takes its place but is advisable like teacher to use persuasive communication in finding solutions according to goals and relationships.


communication styles; conflict; pedagogical approaches to conflict.

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