The Relationship between Vocational Identity and Educational Adaptation at High School Students

Cristian Adascalitei


Vocational identity is an important aspect in the development of pupils' personality. Its formation requires a long study of the professions but also the choice of an educational path correlated with the pupil's potential, preferences and abilities. In this process, the influence of the social environment, but also, the individual peculiarities, tend to outline educational options. This paper analyse the role of predisposing factors in the process of school and professional orientation of students, based on the career anchors theory elaborated by E. Schein. The investigative group consisted of 40 pupils of Dimitrie Cantemir High School, Darabani, from the 9th and 12th grades. The main dimension that organizes / determines the vocational identity is school success. Through these approaches, the educational environment has a considerable influence on the development of adolescents.


vocational identity; educational adaptation; career anchors.

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