Towards a More Communicative Approach in Teaching English as a Foreign Language


  • Cătălin Drăcșineanu Univ. Lect. PhD., “Petre Andrei” University, Iasi, The Faculty of Psychology, Education Sciences and Social Assistance



teaching methodology, communicative approach, neurolinguistics, student-oriented teaching


An increased awareness on the complexity of the processes involved in teaching a foreign language and the diversity of the learning contexts have led to an abandonment of the idea that there could exist an ideal method; in the recent years we have witnessed a sort of “post-method” approach, as the traditional, canonical and prescriptive methods have become obsolete, mostly due to an evolution in the formation of students. Learning a foreign language is no longer related to the development of habits or behaviors and language is increasingly seen as a means of communication and a tool of social interaction. Furthermore, the work of researchers in neurosciences (neurobiology, neurolinguistics, neurophysiology, etc.) along with that of psychologists and pedagogists have shed new insights on the way the human brain works and on the underlying mental processes of the act of learning.


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